The New York Giants are off to a 2-2 start at the first quarter mark of the 2016-17 NFL season.  With major off-season roster adjustments, fans' expectations of a successful season start to look far from Giant. 

Coming into the season, the Giants signed Olivier Vernon, Janoris Jenkins, and Damon Harrison to strengthen their nearly non-existent secondary.  They also secured first-round pick, Eli Apple, a corner from The Ohio State University.

On offense, Victor Cruz returned after suffering multiple injuries for two years.  His return relieves pressure from Odell Beckham Jr.  In efforts to stretch out offensive options, the Giants picked up second-round pick, wide receiver Sterling Shepard.

For the Giants’ leadership, Ben McAdoo, former Giants offensive coordinator for two years, was named the head coach after Tom Coughlin and the Giants parted ways after 12 seasons.

These off-season changes were signs of a positive season ahead; well let’s just say a better performing season than last year’s 6-10 record.

Victor Cruz breaks through Redskins' defense. Photo/

Victor Cruz breaks through Redskins' defense. Photo/

After the Giants’ Monday Night match-up against Sam Bradford (yes him) and the undefeated Vikings, their unsettling loss was the final straw for some fans to the point where they surrendered and began to call this season a “rebuilding year".

On the other hand, there’s a long season ahead and some fans are hopeful and believe this will be a playoff-bound year. 

Bianca Marley speaking with Superbowl Champ and former NY Giant punter, Steve Weatherford.

Bianca Marley speaking with Superbowl Champ and former NY Giant punter, Steve Weatherford.

“I’m surprised to see so many late-game mistakes. Usually you figure out those tweaks in the first couple of games,” says Superbowl Champion, Steve Weatherford.

During their last two match-ups, the Giants have placed themselves out of scoring positions against the Redskins and Vikings. Quarterback, Eli Manning threw three interceptions, the offense turned the ball over five times, and the team drew 17 penalties for 165 yards.  Also, Beckham Jr. lost control of his emotions, multiple times, which contributed to some penalties and costly plays.

“They need to find a happy medium between Beckham’s high emotions and Eli’s lack of emotion,” says Weatherford.  “It’s healthy and you need that emotion but there has to be a happy medium.”  With a sub average offensive line, the Giants need everything in their favor for the offense to produce points.

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Eli Manning talking to Odell Beckham Jr. Photo/Fox Sports

Eli Manning talking to Odell Beckham Jr. Photo/Fox Sports

“Once everything gels, they can be a dominant team,” said Weatherford with pride.

Right now, the Giants are last in the NFC East.  The Philadelphia Eagles are shockingly leading the division. Weatherford is impressed with Eagles' rookie quarterback, Carson Wentz.

“Carson Wentz is NICE! He’s the Messiah of the Eagles right now,” exclaims Weatherford.  “We have to wait it out to see how he produces by the end of the season. He’s just like RGIII, coming out of a small school, so no one paid attention to him.  We have to see if opponents will pick up on his style of play and stop him.”

RGIII was a Heisman Trophy winner, became NFL offensive rookie of the year, and then turned into a third string quarterback.  For the loyal Eagles fans, they certainly do not want Wentz to follow the same pattern– well, not the third string piece.

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This is just the first quarter of the season. Weatherford, just like many faithful Giants fans, have high hopes that they will end their fourth straight playoff drought.